There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.

-Peter Drucker
In other words, it's more important to do the right things than it is to do things right.

Machines are efficient, humans are effective. We help you be effective, have less stress and create better results. It's time to stop overworking and start prioritizing. If you or your business are growing or transitioning or just want to know the next steps; identifying where you are and what to do shortens the path to success.

Management Insight can guide the way.

Learn More: Management Insight helps CEOs, leadership and teams create healthier and more effective organizations. We align individuals, and companies, to move through their lives and business more deliberately, with less stress and more joy (yes, you have a right to be joyous) by setting clear expectations and intentions - leaving less to chance through default decisions. Become clearer, more effective, less distracted, to work better with your peers, boards and teams.

Meet Our Founder

How I work: I start by building trust, that deepens over time. I am highly selective in choosing who I work with; I only coach the coachable, the humble, the hungry lifelong learners. I listen intently, without distraction, with my whole self, to your whole self. I usually don’t tell you what to do; rather, share stories and let you draw conclusions. After all it’s your life. I give and require complete candor. I do everything I can to inspire and be an evangelist for courage; by showing confidence in you and setting the highest aspirations.

My commitment to you is to go to the most extraordinary lengths in establishing the conditions of trust, safety,

clarity, meaning, dependability, and impact for each individual and team I coach.

The Architect

Todd has learned how life works and how to integrate that with creating the optimum business. It’s why he’s called, “The Architect.” As a trusted advisor he counsels businesses on both the deepest and highest organizational policies and procedures, while sculpting company culture and the structure that supports it. He helps you create and navigate your success plan. He is, often a silent, master influencer behind what companies do.

Todd’s been in and around business for more than 40 years, and one organization said “We are insanely lucky that he decided to join our team. He helped us create a safe, confidential environment that builds trust, while asking the difficult questions to motivate high-impact positive decisions.”

Interestingly, Todd explains that he’s really more on the “creative” side of things. Why?... Because he says by creating an environment for candid, honest communication he helps people “make their businesses more beautiful.” —That’s pretty badass.

At numerous incarnations in his career he has been an entrepreneur, a business coach, a yoga and mindfulness teacher, a consultant, a key-note speaker, an investor, a partner, a business owner, a deal maker, a manager, a concierge level of service trainer, and a master coordinator.

When Todd comes to work for your company he looks at its very roots, the critical aspects that drive you forward or may be holding you back. By examining what’s beneath the surface or behind the curtain, he not only knows what "it" is going to look like – but what it “should” look like. He knows that companies prosper when the employees are trusted members of a team, when those peer-to-peer teams are aligned and treated like valuable individuals and assets, and when those valued individuals are happy and thriving.

When you have thriving workers who care, then the collective creativity, production, and value of the work, carries not only promise, but delivers a tangible asset to all projects that ultimately determine the bottom line.




When these core values structure the foundational roots of an organization, then whatever comes to grow in that environment, will flourish.

Todd says “I build bridges, not walls.” Why? Building Bridges between all stakeholders, including team members, boards, clients, partners, vendors, and investors allow the free, uninhibited flow of ideas and information. Walls prevent it. By creating your company's written "Service Excellence Commitment," we take the first step towards excellence in our beliefs and behaviors as an organization.

Todd makes sure that everything your company does is in the best interest of your clients, your business, and the collective partnership; and that everyone involved absolutely loves what they’re doing. That’s what keeps the momentum to success moving forward, because everyone truly cares, is involved and engaged. By establishing boundaries, not barriers, we enhance the potential of your success.

When you bring talented people together who connect, communicate and care—success is the only option.

Todd has built his own system of management and coordination based on three core values. These three elements work together in a flow of harmony with a push-pull that keeps things energized, motivated, progressive, and moving forward at all times.

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