"Most organizations have developed a functional blindness to their own defects. They are not suffering because they cannot solve their problems but because they cannot see their problems." - John W. Gardner

Organizational Check Up

The Organizational Check Up quickly provides insight into the critical organizational issues facing your company. This is a first step towards creating organizational excellence. As your company grows, we will explore its depths with the next assessment - the Corporate CAT-Scan.

Individual and Company Blind Spots Assessment

Take the next step towards organizational excellence by identifying your current Organizational Blind Spots. The Blind Spots Assessment is a rapid way to self-identify and measure 14 critical areas that people and companies often overlook. By identifying these key areas that add stress and reduce your quality of life, you can prioritize and target them to quickly get you on the path to success.

Vision/Traction Planner

The Vision Traction Planner is part of the system developed by EOS to determine and develop your company’s Mission, Vision and Values. Company management comes together and participates in a facilitated advance (we don't believe in retreats), designed to engage team members, encourage agreement and get everyone going in the same direction. The process clearly defines who needs to do what - with whom - by when; with the resources needed, and specific objectives - benchmarks - key results distinctly articulated. Your 30, 60- and 90-day goals are established, tracked and measured in the path towards your 1-year plan, 3-year picture and 5-year target.

The Corporate Cat-Scan

Management Insight's Organizational CAT-Scan represents a quantum leap in the ability to quickly understand, lead and manage your organization. Our organizational assessment is a powerful, questionnaire-driven, expert system designed to yield immediate and in-depth insight into the key variables that ultimately determine organizational growth or decline.

The system works; and does so by assessing your business and benchmarking the results against thousands of successful organizations. Clearly identifying what your company’s: culture, strategy, structure, and leadership style are and where you are in your Stage of Development At all stages there are more appropriate and effective components of each of the elements, by aligning the elements, Management Insight helps you create a great organization. We start with company management who responds to a series of carefully formulated questions and we then produce an extensive narrative and graphic report and Risk Assessment on the interrelationships and congruence between these areas.

Try out the CAT-Scan. You can see where your organization is in any one of the 5 areas. For just $24.99 you get a narrative and graphic report on your organization’s Stage of Development, Culture, Strategy, Structure or Leadership Style. Complete reports with the accompanying Risk Assessment are also available. Call today to discuss this highly revealing and informative process.

What system applications are available? How can the CAT-SCAN be used?

  • THE EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATOR ensures that all members of the executive team understand the strategies that are being pursued, and the operating and management methods that must be introduced to render the strategies workable.

  • The ORGANIZATION DIAGNOSIS enables executives to leverage organizational strengths and to identify and remove, in a timely and cost-effective manner, internal barriers to the realization of organizational profit and growth potential.

  • The MERGER AND ACQUISITION MANAGER contributes to the assessment of the suitability of candidates, and then manages the merger process in such a way that the desired synergies of the corporate marriage are realized

  • The RISK ASSESSOR quantifies and explains the likelihood of ultimate business stagnation or decline as a result of the interplay of management decisions in such key non-financial areas as strategy, structure, culture and leadership style.

  • The CLIENT SERVICE PLANNER enhances client retention, expands the scope of client involvement, promotes the sale of expanded or additional services, and stimulates the cross-selling of services.

To what industries does the CAT-SCAN apply?

There are Five separate industry-specific versions:

  • The MANUFACTURING/PROCESSING version, appropriate for considering organizations involved in the production, processing and sales of tangible goods, both consumer and non-consumer.

  • The SERVICE INDUSTRY version, appropriate for analyzing organizations which provide primarily intangible or non-consumable goods/services and are in the business of selling “expertise."

  • The RETAIL/DISTRIBUTION version, appropriate for understanding organizations which sell (or distribute) tangible goods, which in turn are produced by one or a series of suppliers.

  • The RESTAURANT version, appropriate for analyzing retail food organizations, as chains or as individual establishments, and for franchisee evaluation and management.

  • The NON-PROFIT version, appropriate for analyzing membership organizations, such as trade associations, professional societies, charitable foundations, as well as governmental entities.

All versions of the system have been extensively tested and validated on four continents.


Check out a Sample Report


Check out a Sample Report

How does using the CAT-SCAN compare in cost and time to traditional consulting?

The savings can be enormous. Studies done by both private firms and national consulting/accounting firms show average savings in both time and cost of 5:1. That is, for comparable areas of consulting, the system can do the project five times faster and at one-fifth the cost compared to traditional consulting methods.

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